Frequently Asked Questions.

How long has Gemini Web Development been in business?

Since February 1997. We are a small full-time web development firm and will be here after your web site is completed. Many so called "web designers" do so on a part time or moonlighting basis. If you have your site done by such a person, you may find it difficult to contact your webmaster after the site is done because he or she has a "day job" or has moved across the country. You don't have to worry about that with Gemini Web Development. We love what we do and it is all we do. We aren't going anywhere, so you can count on us for fast and reliable service.

What costs are associated with having a web site?

First is the cost of the initial development of your site. This includes paying for the time it takes to develop the web pages, images, scripts and databases required to start your site. Generally, it is wise to start small and gradually add content on a regular basis. The initial development cost may be as low as a few hundred dollars or may be much more depending on the amount of content and technical expertise required to build a site that meets your specifications.

Second, there are costs of web site hosting. Hosting is a constant expense for the web site owner and is required to make your site available to the public. Hosting for most sites involves renting space on a computer that is dedicated to storing and delivering your site content to users on the internet. This web server is connected to the internet 24/7 and should be maintained by expert technical support staff. We can provide you with reasonably priced hosting starting at $10.00 per month and a one time setup fee. Although there is free hosting available on the internet, just get what you pay for! Free hosting services require popup ads on your site and your web address is usually difficult to remember. In addition, free web hosting services often do not support cgi, asp or databases, and do not provide information about the traffic that visits your site.

Third is domain name registration. A domain name makes up part of the web address ( that people type in their browser when they want to see your site. Gemini Web Development uses the domain name: We strongly recommend registering a domain name rather than having us register your name. If you allow your webmaster to be the registrant of your domain, then you will potentially have no control of the domain name. If you need help during the registration process, we'll be glad to be of assistance. Call us for any questions you may have about the registration process.

Once your site has been built there will be costs associated with site maintenance. Gemini Web Development will make any changes or add new features at the same hourly rates as are used for initial development. However, most maintenance activity can be completed by Gemini Web Development in just a few minutes because the basic "look-and-feel" of your site has already been designed and adding new pages or changing the content of old pages doesn't involve the time-consuming design process. Of course, you can maintain your own HTML pages, but you will need to take the time to learn online editting software or your own software to do it yourself. We highly recommend against customers making changes to dynamic pages that contains programming code.

There also may be costs associated with marketing your site. Basic search engine optimization is performed by Gemini Web Development as a part of site development. We can also perform maintenance activity to help market your site at your request. This includes ad programs and link building.

How does Gemini Web Development handle billing?

All billing is done online.

Initially, we ask for a small downpayment before starting a new site. This is usually $100.00, but for larger sites may be more. The balance of development costs are due upon a clients approval of the initial work.

We bill for maintenance on a monthly basis, usually on the 28th of the month. Any maintnenace performed in the previous month will be included on the bill. An accounting of the time involved is also included. Payments made after 30 days of billing will include a late fee. However, if payment for maintenance is received within 10 days, the client will receive a pay-perk-point. You make save up pay perk points and redeem them in for discounts on maintenance work or other hourly work. The request for redeeming pay-perk-points must be made through our customer service area and will only be applied to maintenance on the next upcoming invoice. They may not be used for hosting and may not be applied to invoices that have already been prepared.

Hosting is billed in advance of service. Hosting may be paid for monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly or yearly. All clients on quarterly billing will receive invoices on December 28th, March 28th, June 28th and September 28th. Bi-yearly billing takes place on December 28th and June 28th. Yearly invoices are sent on December 28th. Failure to pay any hosting bill within 30 days will result in the site being turned off and terminated 15 days after being turned off. Payments made after 30 days of billing will include a late fee.

No refunds are given for any unused service.

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