Services and Prices

Free Initial Consultation

It is the desire of Gemini Web Development to build your web site to your exact specifications. That is why we do not quote exact prices based on the number of pages, images or other page elements. We prefer to initially consult with you to understand your needs and goals. Afterwards we will provide an specific estimate and promise that your final development charges will not exceed that estimate. Our approach allows us to customize your site to fit your needs rather than fitting you into a prefabricated site.

Hourly Rates - New Sites and Maintenance
(Measured to the nearest minute after the first 1/4 hour.)
(Monthly Minimum of $12.50)
  • HTML coding
  • WordPress Design
  • Non-programming Updates and Maintenance
  • Basic Graphics Editing
  • Basic Digital Audio/Video Encoding and Editing
  • Advanced Social Media Development
  • Programming
  • Database Design and Integration
  • Emergency/After Hours Work

Approximate Prices for Web Sites/Applications
(Actual price depends on the amount of time required to build to your specifications and does not include the cost of hosting, domain name registration, merchant account or credit card gateway fees.)

  • Word Press Blog Site for marketing, communication and
    customer relations your business.
    (Installation, Customization and Training)
  • A Small "Web Brochure" Site for marketing your business.
    (2-8 static html pages with graphics)
  • A Larger "Web Brochure" Site for marketing
    your business.
    (9-16 static html pages with graphics)
  • Paypal E-Commerce Site for selling your products on the web.
    (3-15 custom html pages with paypal shopping cart system.)
  • E-Commerce Site for online stores with full shopping cart and
    (Full shopping cart, adminstration and customization)
  • Simple Web Applications
    (email or contact forms with Captcha, blogs, forums, installation of existing scripts and applications, simple database driven content pages)
  • Web Applications
    (basic back offices, complex database driven content pages, simple appointment scheduling
  • Complex Web Applications
    (specialized back offices, database driven web sites)
starting at $600